Lab 1

As my first post, I'll relate about Lab 1 of SPO600.

1. We had to select two open source software with different licenses. I have chosen DBAN (Darik's Boot and Nuke), a program to secure erase hard disk in Linux, within a GLP license and CMake, it manages the build process of software using a compiler-independent method, with a New BSD License.

2. DBAN was published on sourceforge, a site that hostage open source software, it page has a support link where you can find about the bugs. CMake is hosted on gitlab, a site like github, the bug are on issues, so anyone who has an account probably can comment in there.

3. First, let's start with DBAN:
I've selected bug "#14 incorrect disk IDs listed in log file dwipe.txt", two people was involved in this bug, Darik Horn and Regen, the first one seems to be the creator of the software and Regen, one user (they didn't write their profiles), the review started at 2006-06-24 and finished at 2006-08-13, they haven't write too much about how to solve the problem, they sent code to each other, because it seemed to be simple and was solved in the same day, but he has only closed the discussion later, when the code was added to a release. It was a problem on displaying the ID of the disks and it seems the code of Regen has fixed the issue, but he waited to be approved for Darik.

In CMake:
I've selected "[patch] clang-cl 5.0.0 + VS2017.3 fix incorrect arguments" issue, two people was involved in the issue, Egor Pugin and Brad King, they seemed to be the owners of the project by their profiles, the issue started at 2017/08/21 and was closed at 2017/09/12. They have written a little about the problem, then, two weeks after, one of them came with some references, as he had the reason of the problem and the issue was closed. The problem was about flags that weren't no more supported and generated warnings, they haven't talked so much about code and more with theory and it was closed with a commit.

4. It seemed that the process to help is simple, only have an account in the respective platform, disposition and knowledge to help, but they hadn't so many people with that. I observed they because they seemed to be small projects and more easy to understand how they work. sourceforge seems to be more able to divide the discussion on specific topics, but in gitlab seems to be easier to refer another issues and upload code to help the developer. To help the communities I would had to learn more about their repositories, C, C++, maybe shell script (DBAN is for Linux, but I couldn't identify the language used) and communicate with them in their issues tags.


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